Banner photo by Mark Fisher

Short answer - we make stuff. Really, really cool stuff.

We take good ideas and shape them into great products. It's a little more complicated than that and a lot harder than it sounds but it basically comes down to mixing a massive amount of experience with equal parts innovation and creativity, we throw in a heaping dose of problem solving and just smash the whole thing together.

Problems are hidden opportunities.
— Martin Villeneuve, Canadian screenwriter

How we do it.

Sugarhouse Creative is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, long time hub for active brands and surrounded by some of the best wilderness this country has to offer. We are uniquely set-up to conduct efficient and on-point research, produce detailed prototypes in-house and run product testing right from our back yard. 

We have an eye for exceptional fit, construction durability, product performance and aesthetic success and a proven track record for successful technical product at retail. We are skilled at communication with overseas factories and the efficiencies and limitations of mass technical product manufacturing.

Knowing the importance of internal team buy-in we are experienced in informative and eye-catching product presentation that will equip your sales representative force and internal team with the technical knowledge & expertise required to sell product at retail. 

With a focus on innovative and quality apparel, we will guide you from good idea to a great end product, ready for mass production.